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Owners Nuray and Selim Yüksel are originally from Istanbul. Two decades earlier, they made the move from the big city to central Anatolia, where they settled in Urgup’s Esbelli Mahalle. At that time, there was just one cave hotel and Nuray was one of the few women who drove a car in this region.

Nuray, a former economist, found the region ideal for her work – she is a jewelry and clothing designer who also creates original Turkish handicrafts.

They began renovating the stone house in order to create an atelier and shop for Nuray. As the place took shape, friends visited and repeatedly suggested they open this marvelous space to the public.

They did. The café holds a harmonious and relaxed feel of being in the living room of a good friend. Selim, a musician and jazz lover, will sometimes arrange live performances of local or visiting jazz groups.
Ziggy Café was named for a beloved Airedale Terrier. Ziggy the Terrier was named after the David Bowie album (The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars), one of Selim’s favorites.

Cappadocia Ziggy Cafe
The cafe is one of the few places in the area where guests can enjoy a variety of cocktails and liqueurs, along with fine food.

In the beginning, only cocktails, tea and coffee, along with cookies and cakes, were served. A friend gifted to Nuray the proprietary recipe for their signature dessert, the Ziggy Sweet.

As time passed, the menu evolved. At first it featured innovative salads and pasta dishes, based on Cappadocia’s regional cuisine and produce. At present, the menu includes a variety of traditional and contemporary Turkish mezes, along with selected main dishes.

Ali Ozkan, the chef, has worked abroad and in Istanbul and Bodrum, and ensures the highest quality and consistency of every dish served.

The shop and atelier are on the ground floor and open with the café. Browsers can find a wonderful assortment of hand crafted jewelry, clothing and regional fabrics, and other unique gifts.

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Ziggy Cafe & Shop
Yunak Mah., Tevfik Fikret Caddesi
No. 24 Urgup - Nevsehir - Turkey
Phone: +90 (384) 341 7107
Cappadocia Ziggy Cafe
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