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Lonely Planet 2009
Lonely Planet Turkey
Our pick ZIGGY'S tel:3417107; Yunak Mahallesi ,Tevfikfikret Caddesi 24; set menus TL30, mainsTL13-16.Cool Ziggy's, named after the David Bowie song, has multilevel terraces where its logo, Snowy the dog from the Tintin books, decorates the lampshades. Whether you opt for a cocktail or the 12-course set menu, which features 10 meze plates such as the distinctive smoked aubergine, hosts Selim and Nuray add a sprinkling of İstanbul sophistication to the Cappadocian views.

If you find it tough to tear yourself away from the stylish decor and jazz soundtrack ,console yourself with a visit to the on-site shop where Nuray sells the jewellery she makes.

If a provincial backwater could be said to have an "in" restaurant, then Ziggy's, opened in 2007, is the place of the moment. Spanning three levels on a perch atop Ürgüp's Esbelli neighborhood, the old stone building that makes up Ziggy's has an atmosphere of barrel vaults, hearths, Turkish decor, and candlelight. Turkish takes on salads and pastas include an irresistible pastirma fettucini and great cocktails for those late summer nights.

Ziggy'Cafe.Ziggy's Mediterranean-inspired menu is refreshingly lighter than the heavy meat-based fare typical of central Anatolia.Creative appetizers include "Ziggy's meze", a tasty mixture of chopped green olives, goat cheese , and walnuts drizzled with spicy olive oil. Among the attractively presented entrees is the unusual but mouth-watering sirloin steak with pumpkin seed sauce, served with bulgur.

The atmosphere is cozy , in a sort of Victorian country setting: nice tablecloths and table settings , plush armchairs ,dark wood trim, and interesting wrought -iron lamps. An upstairs terrace has sofa-like seats and stone-topped tables. Tevfikfikret Cad. 24, Yunak Mah. Tel.384/341-7107 reservations essential.

Petit Futé
Petit Futé
Nuray a crée ce lieu cosy et chic avec Selim, son mari, qui parle parfaitement français.Le mobilier chiné a droite a gauche,différe d'une table a l'autre,ce qui donne un charme particulier,convivial et tendance.Les 3 terrasses,de tables et canapés,ne font que s'ajouter au charme.L'ambiance du midi n'a rien a voir avec celle du soir,bougies et jazz,les deux sont a faire et l'accueil est extra.Avec un mélange d'influence international et turque,on trouve aussi bien des Fettucini au Pastirma que le menu de mezzes(30 YTL),a ne pas rater. Nuray fait également des bijoux qu'elle vend dans la boutique du rez-de-chaussée,a voir.

Ziggy's Shoppe & Cafe. Yunak Mahallesi, no:24 Tevfik Fikret Cad.
Tel: 0(384)341 7107 Fax: 0(384)341 7808

Ziggy's. Full of character, this beautifully restored cave restaurant with appealing terrace dining offers mostly pasta dishes.Conveniently located if you find yourself in the Esbelli region on the hill overlooking the town of Ürgüp, but worth travelling for, as well.

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