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The food served at Ziggy is freshly made each day from local seasonal produce.
Some of the local specialties you may encounter:
Meze: it is said the purpose of the meze is two-fold; to complement and enhance the taste of a drink, and to provide the backdrop for a social gathering. Serving a variety of between 6 and 40 small dishes, Meze was originally a civilized way of whetting the appetite, by casually tasting a morsel from here and another from there. With fresh produce, bold tastes and very high quality ingredients it can make every bite a pleasure for the senses.

Pastirma: this is the grandfather of modern pastrami. Pastirma is usually made from beef fillet; the meat is sun-dried, then coated with a paste made of garlic, fenugreek seeds, paprika and salt, and left to cure.

Borek: this pie originated in Turkish cuisine and spread throughout the Ottoman Empire. It is made with layers of phyllo or yufka dough and often with a salty cheese (like feta), minced meat, spinach or potato filling. Fillings can be sweet as well; sometimes the dough is simply sprinkled with powdered sugar. You will find variations on the borek from Russia to Israel.
hatFrom the Ziggy Cafe Menu:

Ziggy Patates/ Special Ziggy
Ayva patates özel sos ile
Thick-cut, spiced fried potatoes.

Pastırmalı Makarna/ Pasta with Pastırma Sauce
Kapadokya yöresine özgü pastırmalı sos ile
Cappadocian style pastirme (sun-dried spiced beef) sauce

Sarımsaklı Tavuk Çöp Şiş / Garlic Chicken on Skewer
Çöp şişte tavuk özel sos ile
Garlic chicken grilled on skewers with Ziggy’s special sauce

Özel Ziggy Bonfile / Special Ziggy Steak
Kabak çekirdekli özel sosu ile bonfile yanında reyhanlı bulgur pilavı
Steak with pumpkin seed sauce and bulgur (cracked wheat)

Tatli Ziggy/ Sweet Ziggy
Tarçın ve pudra şekerinin altında gizemli bir tat.
Melt-in-your-mouth miniature boreks with cinnamon and powdered sugar

Ali Ozkan, the chef, has worked abroad and in Istanbul and Bodrum, and ensures the highest quality and consistency of every dish served.

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